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Listed below are more details on our sponsorship opportunities!


Why Sponsor the Business Institute?

The National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA)’s Business Institute (BI) is a trusted source for defense-industry-related education, training, and professional development. We’re helping to build a more capable, qualified, effective, and efficient defense workforce. The BI offers an impressive series of courses in partnership with the nation’s leading defense, project management, and specialized institutions.

Top Three Sponsorship Benefits

• Access talent and grow your network: Expose your brand to early
to mid-career BI course participants who hail from across the DIB

• Brand recognition: Have your sponsor logos highlighted on the BI
website and marketing emails. These logos will have hyperlinks
to each sponsor’s website

• High-quality professional development for your employees:
Sponsors can access complimentary seats in our courses and
workshops. Enhance your team’s knowledge and skillsets on topics
ranging from business development to supply chain resilience, and more.