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NDIA Business Institute Partners

NDIA partners with a series of academic institutions and educational organizations to offer the best in class defense education and training opportunities. Ranging from introductory cybersecurity courses and business development best practices to highly technical acquisition management, NDIA members have access to the best the industry has to offer.

Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute
The Maher Group
Mastering Business Development, LLC
University of Dayton
Offset Education LLC
Eggler Institute of Technology

Why Partner With NDIA's Business Institute?

  1. Create a new revenue stream for your organization
  2. Access to new customers via NDIA's member pool who work within the defense industrial base (DIB)
  3. Brand recognition
  4. Opportunity to work with the prestigious NDIA
  5. Help educate and equip the warfighter and others within the defense industrial base with the knowledge they need to effectively work and persist in their careers, and strengthen our nation's national security 

Note: To discuss partnering with the NDIA Business Institute in more detail, please complete the Partnership Discovery form.